That awkward moment when your university library fails at life…

So, in prepartion for Note Day on May 6th, I was checking my university’s online catalogue for John Green books. From the searches, I found out that my library most likely does not have any books by John Green. Why does my school fail at life?!?

I plan on going to personally check later today (because there is a chance that I don’t know how to use online library search).   I know notes do not have to be specifically in those books, but I figured it was a good starting point and that may not even be a possibility now. If the library, in fact, does not have any John Green books, what do my fellow nerdfighters suggest?

Metaphorical Fish
I once said I had the social skills of a fish and my friend pointed out that I could be a metaphorical fish. So now it will be my URL/blog title forever. I'm an English major with absolutely no life plans. I take a lot of pictures of my pets when I'm home. On my blog, you will find puns, animals, a smidgen of hockey, fandom stuffs, and whatever else catches my interest.